It didn’t take as long as I expected to get over the crashing out of England from the Rugby World Cup, and I am now more concerned about the lack of continuous Rugby until the next world cup. Six Nations will have to fill the gap as best it can.

Of course, the conclusion of the RWC 2011 brings some good news for UK rugby fans: No more IBM Adverts

Tolerating the copious advert breaks during half time and after full time would be bad enough, but they are topped and tailed with the most repetitive, dull and almost meaningless adverts for “data” from IBM. They have been the third biggest let down of the tournament (1: England going out, 2: France making the final, 3: IBM adverts).

Interestingly, there were very few mid-match data points provided beyond the current scores and the elapsed time. We could have done with more data and less adverts, IBM.