I'd love to do one of these every day...

  • An interesting coming-together of computing science and popular internet culture. The New York Times has a piece on Dr. Jim Gray, who saw an inevitable shift in the practice of science because of data innundation. In the mean time, Merlin Mann contributed "Enough" - a piece highlighting excessive consumption of digital media for Seth Godin's free ebook, What Matters Now.

    Update: A great piece on Internet information overload by Thomas Petersen. There must be some neural networks/machine learning algorithms in development for something like this; raising important entities to the top of a stack, and leaving the less-applicable in an easily searchable space below.

  • Hopefully Aldo Cortesi has satisfied his mind's "wondering" with his recent project The impact of language choice on github projects. Fingers crossed that the next service that serves his curiosities will have the infrastructure to support 55Gb of needless transfers (5000 Git repositories), and the subsequent hosting of a 100Mb "findings" database.

    Here's hoping he is a fully paid up member and recent donor to Github.

  • Jeff Atwood recently experienced slight data loss over on Coding Horror - feel for the guy, and I'm sure he has learnt his lesson. Inevitably, Joel Spolsky chimes in (although no direct reference to Jeff) so he can play high and mighty when it happens to him. Chances are that if you do have a full backup, you don't really mind sifting through it for 24 hours to get it restored.

  • 24 ways is back, but seems to perform awfully in Google Chrome; serious vertical scroll issues.