A wrap up of what piqued my interest today.

  • A thorough analysis of The New York Times' front page. Conclusion being that they don't really care about their content (BBC News is a good contrast).

  • The fallacy of "web experts" - first there was HTML, then SEO and now Social Media - what's next? In the UK the legal definition of an expert is that person in the room with most knowledge on a subject...the web is a big room.

  • First time on Copyblogger through their post "Three Grammar Rules You Can (And Should) Break" - good to highlight them to a wide audience, but generally pretty subjective and target-demographic specific.

  • Steve Souders gets detailed when benchmarking CSS import vs. link techniques in "don't use @import" - pretty thorough.

  • Impressive outline of Chartbeat from Ross Hill. They must be packing some serious bandwidth.

  • Impressive centred CSS tab action by Matthew James Taylor. He has some other good examples of general CSS goodness.

  • Simply superb Sorting Algorithm Animations. Fantastic illustrations, explanations and discussions around popular sorting algorithms.